Monday, June 19, 2017

June the Month of Birds, Butterflies and Flowers

I woke up this Monday morning feeling as though I had lost control of my house and yard.  It rained last night and the weeds have grown like they were on steroids.  My front porch was damp and all of the wind blown debris was stuck to it.  I started cleaning the porch and as I was doing that I decided to water the window boxes and I unfortunately watered this little guy's nest at the same time.  His siblings immediately flew out and this one tried to climb the window screen.  Mom and Dad came back and were rather upset with me.  I looked and looked for the two that flew out but decided that "One in the nest was better than two lost in the yard."  Later on I went and peeked in the nest from inside the house and all of the little birdies were back safe in the nest.  I haven't a clue how the bird parents managed that.  I was trying to help but Mom and Dad had it under control.

 I got a free promotional packet of flower seed from the Kellogg company that was an effort to draw awareness to the plight of the disappearing honeybees.  I planted them under my sunflowers and so it like a surprise package to see what is coming up and blooming.

I planted sunflowers in a six foot circle this year.  We had used the area as an outdoor fire pit and so all I had to do rake it and dig it up a bit. I think the ashes from the fire have enriched the soil.  I planted the tallest sunflowers in the center.  All the sunflowers are almost in bloom from the tallest to the smallest. 

A swallowtail butterfly was out hanging out on one of the tallest sunflowers.  The butterfly was totally distracted by the big sunflower, which gave me quite the opportunity to take a few pictures.   

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