Thursday, June 29, 2017

Weekend Wit 18

Rebellion and Stupidity (the Siamese twins) 
Most of us have the freedom to play life out any way that we choose, but I have seen enough to know that there are built in consequences in the universe.  Those consequences encompass the physical, the spiritual, the relational and the emotional realm.  Part of the common human experience is that we are  rebellious to our core.  Our rebellion blinds us to the point that we think that we can do it our way and the results will be to our liking.  If that perspective is not altered, the results will be an empty soul and a wasted life. The saddest consequence of a life lived out of rebellion is the wake of destruction in the lives of those who looked to us for sustenance and support.  Unfortunately the wake may continue to impact even our future generations.

Do you want to see a truly liberated woman or for that matter a truly liberated man?  It comes only from being liberated from our self centered ways.  When we learn to love those in our care by sacrificially serving, then we become truly liberated.

Humor is the wheels under the difficult and heavy situations of life.

Never argue with someone who has dementia.  Just smile and nod your head.  I refer to the law of the lowest common denominator as a justification for my belief.

Bank of Truth
If we want to be have something of substance from which to draw from then we have to put truth into our hearts and our minds.  Our whole lives should be an exercise to imbibe truth and make it part of our very make up.

Growing Up
If you are still alive there is always more opportunity to grow up.

Realities of Life
Life has a way of pressing us all into the corner.  We can look down in despair or look up in faith.

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