Thursday, August 3, 2017

Weekend Wit 19

I believe that in a marriage where two people have moved past infatuation and genuinely love one another from the heart that a veil is removed from their eyes where they are able to see each other in a holy beautiful light.  I think it happens incrementally, but only for those who are willing to persevere in the relationship.

I have many friendly acquaintances, but only a few genuine friends.

There is a time to spoil your kids.  After you have raised them and they have become self supporting with good character, then you can spoil your adult children to your heart's content.  Lavish them with gifts and treat them like kings and queens.  At this point it will not hurt them.

A propensity to do good is one of those oft unappreciated and sometimes largely unnoticed  but absolutely necessary parts for a society to thrive.

What you believe is more important that what you see.

Pray about it, no matter what it is, pray about it.

For those willing to wait, He shows Himself faithful, He shows Himself strong.

There is a lie floating around in our heads that if we do right then somehow we will be energetic, filled with happiness and throwing our fist in the air on the top of some majestic mountain top.  Often doing right results in being tired to the bone, depressed and filled with doubt.  How we feel has nothing to do with it, but doing the right thing will always set us on the correct path.

I think it takes a lifetime to know God even a little bit.  The problem lies not with Him, but with us.  I think we come into this world so very full of ourselves that we have to let go of the self idol in the core of us in order to even begin to acknowledge who He is.

Seldom have I met God in a quiet room with the candle lit and a cup of hot tea.  Mostly I find He is able to speak to me when the sun is beating on my head and I am digging in the dirt or trying to cut brush.
There are  theological ideas that scare me, but when I think of the character of God, then I am comforted.

Evangelicals are afraid of folks finding God without grasping the doctrines of the faith,  but I am more  afraid of evangelicals who find the doctrines but miss God.

It is pretty easy to find a system to believe or even have some mystical experience,  it is much harder to come to a Person who has revealed Himself through the written Word.  We can't make God into anything we want.  We have to bow to who He really is and what He is really about.